Sports Injury Rehabilitation

How treatment sessions are structured 



Ankle Pain

A full, thorough assessment of your injury is taken through the Past Medical History form you will complete when booking your appointment. We will then discuss your condition in more detail at your appointment, before your injury, posture and mechanics are physically assessed. These will all determine what your injury is and how best to treat and rehabilitate it.




A variety of treatment methods including manual therapy, functional rehabilitation exercises, soft tissue massage, motion control and postural correction may be used to return you to your pre injury levels, whether you are a professional sportsperson or just like to keep fit.



You will receive and individually tailored and coached injury rehabilitation exercise programme, which is designed specifically to you, your injury, and sport, fitness and lifestyle requirements. This will include progressive strength, proprioception, flexibility and posture control training to return you to your pre-injury fitness levels, and limit the risk of re-injury occurring.



We also offer the following within assessments and treatments: 


Movement Analysis


Anatomy in Motion is a principle developed by Gary Ward which involves full body assessments in standing and gait, foot posture screening, and corrective exercises where necessary.


Running Repairs

Analyses your running gait to determine the best management for your running injury.






Acupuncture originated in China around 2000 years ago, and is now regularly used world-wide in treating medical and physical conditions. It has been successful in treating pain from a number of conditions such as headaches, lower back pain, osteoarthritis and tendonopathies.